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We have coloring books, books that showcase princesses from different countries all over the world that are rooted in the realities of geography and history, and books that teach emotional intelligence and coping skills in order to deal with an absent parent. Additionally, you will find some fun items such as tote bags, stickers, mugs and t-shirts too! The shirts come in men’s women’s and children’s sizes, styles (i.e. v-neck, tank, onesies) and various colors!

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As a mother, how do you explain an absentee father to your child without blame, anger or resentment? Empower them! Seven-year-old Joseph shares his story about when he first learns about the POWER of choice he possesses after his father leaves and doesn’t come back. His mother teaches him the difference between his father’s choices and his own. Do Joseph and Mom become angry with Joseph’s father? Well, a belief is just a thought you keep thinking over and over…find out what happens on Joseph’s Journey! 43 pages 8.5″ x8.5″ Recommended ages: 6-10 years old (hardcover/paperback/eBook versions available)

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