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I Can’t Be the Only One that Sees this is Crazy…

I'm a 3rd generation Californian. This right here is insanity. I know I'm not the only sane parent out here that sees this for what it is. It's suggestive & predictive "programming" for the masses. "They" want to ease us into this line of thinking and accept it as something beneficial for all. What this man is suggesting as LEGISLATION is utter madness!

Reedsy Discovery Books, YouTube Channel - AUTHORized

Parents, I Know You’ve Been Thinking of Ways to “Afford” to Work From Home So You Can Homeschool Your Children, Will This Help?

I usually recommend children's books that I find helpful for a child's growth, however, today, I review a book that could be helpful in parents starting their own online outsourcing business, which would thereby allow them to spend more time with their families, and even venture into homeschooling!