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5 Coping Mechanisms for Children & Teens

We can all see it. Times are a bit "strange" and "uncertain" these days. However, even in the face of that, there are ways to be find calm in the "eye of the storm". In today's post, I share 5 coping strategies that children and teens can use to cope with life's uncertainties and copius changes.

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A Child Knows What a Child Feels – A 5-year-old Tells His Mom School is Like Prison!

When your children are talking, are you listening? If you aren't, then you may miss it when they are telling you something serious. This homeschooling mother shares the moment when her 5-year-old son came to her and told her school is like a prison...

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Found Haters in the Family When You Started Homeschooling? You’re Not Alone…

Some parents are reluctant to start homeschooling their children for various reasons, but one of the main ones is: lack of support from family members and friends.

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Whoever Told You Homeschooled Children Won’t Be Able to Participate in Competitive Athletics Lied!

Meet Mrs. Tamara Mays, a wife and mother of EIGHT homeschooled children! Her eldest son is a rising star in youth baseball in her state, but yet, he's homeschooled! Find out he she did it

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A New Talk Show to Support Parents Who Are Considering Homeschooling.

Lately, I have been hearing quite a bit that more and more parents are now considering homeschooling as a viable option for their children. If you're one of those parents and you need support,

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Parents, If You are a Beginner When it Comes to Financial Planning, I Highly Recommend this Book! (Excellent Resource for Homeschooled HighSchoolers to Learn Investment Terms & the Importance of Financial Planning Also!)

Many of us parents are so busy working that, we may not be thinking about the importance of financial planning. Some parents may even think that since they are not millionaires, finanical planning does not apply to them. However, that is simply not the case. It is highly advisable to have your "financial house" in order. Even if you are in your 30's, or younger, it's never to early to start planning for "retirement".

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I Just Want My Child to Be Able to Watch a Video Without All the Extra “Mess” in It! Me Too…

I've learned that children are like sponges. They soak up information, both "good" and "bad". Quickly too! The good news is that we can conscientiously choose what information they receive in most cases.

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It is Always Said that, ‘Parenthood Does Not Come With a Manual’, Well, I Just Found the Closest Thing to It!

I just finished reading a book I found to be incredibly impressive! I don't say that lightly either.

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A BIG Warm Hug in Gratitude!

After all, I do this work to put a smile on the faces of children and to support parents, who want to be able to know that there is family-friendly content for their children to watch.

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I Knew Horses Were Amazing, but I Definitely Didn’t Know They Were THIS Amazing!

Some of you may have heard of the television sitcom from the early 60s, "Mister Ed". Well, There would have NEVER been a "Mister Ed" if it weren't for the World's Smartest Horse, Jim Key!

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Excellence in Eloquence…

I had the honor and privilege to work with some talented young people in Sierra Leone Junior Secondary Schools. Together, with my son, Patrick, we organized the 1st annual inter-junior scondary school debate competition. I am so very proud of the students that were chosen to represent their schools!

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“Things” change, when YOU change…

Parenting can be frustrating at times. Especially when your children aren't doing what you ask them to do. Why are they doing the opposite of what you ask them to do? I pose the following question to you, are you asking them NOT to do _____________, but you're doing ____________ all day everyday?

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Parents, Looking For a Good Book to Teach Your Child How to Build Up Their Confidence?

I just finished reading an awesome children's book entitled, Adventures with Divot & Swish in the Ozark Mountains: The Superpower of Confidence. I must say I am very impressed.

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I Can’t Be the Only One that Sees this is Crazy…

I'm a 3rd generation Californian. This right here is insanity. I know I'm not the only sane parent out here that sees this for what it is. It's suggestive & predictive "programming" for the masses. "They" want to ease us into this line of thinking and accept it as something beneficial for all. What this man is suggesting as LEGISLATION is utter madness!

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Parents, I Know You’ve Been Thinking of Ways to “Afford” to Work From Home So You Can Homeschool Your Children, Will This Help?

I usually recommend children's books that I find helpful for a child's growth, however, today, I review a book that could be helpful in parents starting their own online outsourcing business, which would thereby allow them to spend more time with their families, and even venture into homeschooling!

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I Am Everything and Everything is Me…

There is no mystery to life, it was "solved" a long time ago by the ancient ones. How do I know that? Well, it's simple and easy, when I got quiet and searched for the answer inside of me, I received one!

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This World Class Athlete Never Lets Any Excuse Get In the Way of His Success

Zion Clark was born without legs, but that didn't stop him from becoming a world-class athlete or becoming a Guinness World Record Holder either!

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The USPS Delivery Stats Won’t Hold Up Well, When Compared With Hers!

Who am I talking about when I say "her"? Why Stagecoach Mary of Course! This phenomenal woman is one of the "Black Heroes of the Wild West", featured in the children's book by the same name, written by James Otis Smith.

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You Know that ONE Friend Your Child Has That You Constantly Have to Warn Him/Her About?

This book will never "get old" me. Children these days can still learn something from hearing, "A Bargain for Frances".

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If Your Child Needs Extra Emotional Support These Days, Keep Reading…

If Your Child Needs Extra Emotional Support These Days, Keep Reading... The last 15 months have been emotionally intense for many families. One thing is always guaranteed in life, and that is change. There will always be changes that one has to face in life. However, in the last 15 months, an AVALANCHE of drastic changes dropped on so many American families. Financial changes, job changes, school changes, relationship changes, and living situation changes, among others.

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Nobody Can Ever Take What is Truly Yours

In today's episode of AUTHORized, this story teaches children to discover the power in knowing what their true voice is and the importance of family togetherness. Go on a journey with the Little Mermaid in the richly illustrated book by Jerry Pinkney. This is definitely NOT Disney's "The Little Mermaid"!



I was inspired to create the STEEL COLLECTION with apparel and accessories that feature famous quotes from people alive around the time of the Revolutionary War who were instrumental during that period.

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Searching for Family Friendly Content that Uplifts as well as Educates?

Now that many schools are closed and distance learning requires children to be on their devices even more, finding fun, educational, family-friendly content is of vital importance now more than ever.

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I recently started a video series called, "C.N. Smith's Top Book Recommendations". In episode #3, I share 5 things I like about the new book by Rachel Brian called, "Consent for Kids! Boundaries, Respect and Being in Charge of You". The video is set to premiere on November 24, 2020 at 8am PST. Needless to… Continue reading 5 Things I Like About the Book: CONSENT FOR KIDS! BOUNDARIES, RESPECT & BEING IN CHARGE OF YOU by Rachel Brian

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Don’t Let Stress Take You and Your Children Out! Just Get This Book.

For those that have been following my work for awhile know that I am always "beating the drum" of emotional intelligence. Why? Because the emotional guidance system is there for a reason. If we know how we are feeling, then surely we must know how we are thinking. Thoughts that we think over and over again, become beliefs. Beliefs are then the basis for how we behave in life.

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Searching for a fun solution to fill the gap of those English Language Arts Lessons while schools are closed? Try this…

I'm glad to hear that many have been enjoying the Stortytime videos on AUTHORized. In order to get more out of each episode, I have created complementary worksheets related to the book featured in the episode.

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Don’t Shy Away From English Language Arts Lessons With Your Child-Here’s Why

Do you homeschool? Are you considering homeschooling? I've got you covered and I can support you with covering your English Language Arts Lessons.

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Can Being Observant Also be Described as Possessing a Superpower? You Decide…

In the second installment of, "It's Storytime! On AUTHORized", I bring you one of my favorite African folktales, Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock, retold by Eric A. Kimmel and Illustrated by Janet Stevens. The Anansi tales are believed to have originated in Ghana with the Ashanti people. In the Akan language, "Anansi", means "spider".… Continue reading Can Being Observant Also be Described as Possessing a Superpower? You Decide…


Adventures at the Tracy Library

Since I started teaching a class at the Tracy Public Library on June 6th, I have been receiving questions like: "What's it like?" "Are you having fun?" So I created a video that provides a fun & quick "peek" into what it looks like as I prepare before my class, "Introduction to Self-Publishing", at the… Continue reading Adventures at the Tracy Library