It’s Storytime! Kids Read Along

Episode Worksheets

Now, there is a complementary worksheet for each Storytime episode, that airs on our YouTube Channel. This will assist, you the parent, to make the most of your child’s learning experience!

Scroll down to find the Storytime episode and related worksheets, in PDF format, for downloading and printing. If you don’t see the episode you are looking for, it is because the worksheets are being developed and have not been finalized yet. Check back again soon!

**Notes about the how to use the worksheets:

For K-2nd grade – At this age, children are still learning to write legibly. So, ask your child the questions on the worksheet and you can fill in the answers for them, in their own words. Allow them to write their name/date/title of the book to practice their writing.

For 3rd-4th grade – Sometimes I will have a separate worksheet that lists the questions asked at the end of the Storytime video episode for this grade level. I’ve designed these questions with the intention to assist your child in developing critical thinking skills and cultivating emotional intelligence. Other times, I will attach a Book Report Centered worksheet so your child can write out a review of the book just read in a thoughtful manner. (Let’s see how well they paid attention!)

For 5th-6th grade – This worksheet is for children who are a bit more advanced in their English writing skills and they will be instructed to write a brief summary/personal analysis of the text etc. I want to challenge your children to help keep their skills sharp! It’s okay if they don’t know this yet. They’ll get there. If they are not ready for this step, have them fill out the 3rd-4th grade worksheet.

Vocabulary Worksheet – This worksheet will have vocabulary words related to the Storytime text that your child will be instructed to look up in a dictionary, write its definition and then create a new sentence, using the new vocabulary word they just learned. I would go over new vocabulary with all grades K-6th. Why not? Challenge them.

I’m a homeschooling parent of 15 years and counting. My youngest is 3 years going on 4 years. I don’t only use very simple 3 and 4 letter words around her when I’m talking to her. I speak using the same words I would use with an adult so her vocabulary will grow. I just use odd words like, “seldom”, and “trousers” in conversations with her, in addition to using this word in front of her when speaking with others. If your child is continuously exposed to new words, they will understand the context in which the word is being used and eventually they will use it themselves when speaking and writing. It’s as easy as that!

*Worksheet K-2nd  *Worksheet Tortoise 3rd-4th                                                                  *Worksheet 5th-6th *Vocabulary Worksheet Tortoise

the talking skull book cover

*Worksheet K-2nd  *Worksheet Skull 3rd-4th                                                          *Worksheet Skull 5th-6th  *Vocabulary Worksheet Skull
*Worksheet K-2nd  *Worksheet Roof 3rd-4th                                                            *Worksheet Roof 5th-6th   *Vocabulary Worksheet Roof  

*Worksheet K-2nd *Worksheet Frances 3rd-4th                          *Worksheet Frances 5th-6th *Vocabulary Worksheet Frances

Worksheet K-2nd *Worksheet 3rd-4th Puss                                   *Worksheet 5th-6th Puss *Vocabulary Worksheet Puss


Worksheet K-2nd *


book cover




Worksheets Coming Soon…



Worksheet K-2nd *3rd-4th grade worksheet Sophia *Vocabulary Worksheet Sophia    *Book Review Questions Sophia


I did this reading and lesson with my TK, my 3rd and 5th grader. They LOVED it! You are engaging and easy to follow. Even my TK was able to follow your reading. She has a hard time with some storytimes…even in person. She said she likes your voice.

–Tamara M., Homeschooling Mom of 7

*Worksheet K-2nd *Worksheet Moss 3rd-4th                                                                                                             *Worksheet Moss 5th-6th *Vocabulary Worksheet Moss

We’ll see you next time…on AUTHORized!

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