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“Euphoria”, A Contradiction To Its Name And Reality…

Review of the show Euphoria from a Generation Z-er's perspective. Is it an accurate portrayal of high school life today?

So why am I bringing this up anyway?

Everyone loves Zendaya, right? You’ve probably recognized her face as shown in the image above, displaying the 2019 HBO Max TV Original named “Euphoria”, a supposed representation of an era in which teens, like you and me, currently live in. Also better known as “Generation Z.” However, is the representation demonstrated by the show an accurate portrayal of high school/teenage life today?

Whether you’ve watched the show or not, the teen-hit series by Sam Levinson
features several high-school protagonists facing arbitrarily depressing
circumstances, portrayed by an incredibly talented cast. Such a formula resulted in
vast critical praise, appreciated and enjoyed by the majority of those who
reviewed it, as clearly shown below.

Wow! How successful! Must be a GREAT show then, Right?

Hold up! Before you rush to your couches to grab your remotes, there’s one last review you haven’t read yet. No, not the review on Google. Close that tab now. To save you time and trouble, my review’s been made here: 

“Personally, I’d say while acted realistically, it wasn’t presented relatably. From every clip I’ve watched, I always seem to feel as if the world is cruel, deranged, and horrible, with no healthy relationships between anyone regardless of age. Not to mention that everyone is dealing with issues someone like me normally wouldn’t deal with.”

Still wonder why my opinion’s so different from everyone else’s? Let me fill you in on what I’ve observed. Quickly, of course. Us teens have short attention spans. I would know, and I wouldn’t want to bore you. 😉

Everyone struggles. We’ve all gone to school. Life brings us challenges. Who can’t relate? 

Can you relate to any of this???


Yeah… Didn’t think so. That question practically answers everything. Told you it’d be quick! Teenagers struggle sometimes, but can you relate to the exact struggles the characters on the show are presenting, according to their character bio? I’m almost certain that the majority of teens reading this post, can’t. Not only is the programming on the show pessimistic, but it also instills a false ideology of society amongst the youth.

Let common sense take control. If most people behaved like those described in Euphoria’s synopsis, could society function properly? Would public interaction even be sustainable? Would you have the mental capacity to sit down calmly and read this article? I can’t read minds, yet somehow, I keep picking up voices that say, “No.” 

Yet how is this show so appreciated? Reviews have even suggested it perfectly “depicts the people of Gen Z”, which has mainly been voiced by “influencers”, just like lead star Zendaya. Remember her? 

What about Zendaya? 

To put it simply, what do you do when you like someone? You find them agreeable, inspirational, and advisable, right? Well, lots of us have followed celebrities we like on social media, watched their movies and, and most importantly, have copied them also. All because of their major impact on society caused by the attention we gave them for fame. In turn, the more celebrities, such as Zendaya can make the average teen feel like her character’s reality on Euphoria, is not only cool but somehow some widespread experience we are all having and can relate to.

From here, we’ve already added the icing on the cake, so let’s add the sprinkles for good measure, too! 

Subliminal Messages Euphoria Sends (From My Observation) 

1. Drugs are a “go-to” coping mechanism as long as they aren’t harming anyone: Yet they are still harming you! What a mindscrew! 

2. Vulgar behavior is your savior: Never mind one’s self-esteem… going after the money you need any way you can get it is what’s most important, despite how you may feel about yourself after the fact. Does anything stand out? 

3. Everyone’s full of hatred: “Everyone”? 

4. Actions have no consequences: Need I really explain? 

Is there a cherry on top…? 

Don’t want to make things too sweet, as I already said everything I needed to say. “Euphoria” is nothing but a an experience THAT PARTICULAR character on the show is having. It’s someone else’s reality, it doesn’t have to be yours. While some teens struggle to this degree, it is nowhere near as widespread as they allude to and rarely occurs no matter what any celebrity says, including Zendaya.

Joseph L. Edwards

Award-winning writer. Pianist. Magician. Gen Z.

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