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You’ve Had the Power All Along, It’s Just You Weren’t Aware…

You may have heard this ALOT in the recent past but many are discovering there was SO MUCH we just weren’t taught in school! One of those things is proper health education. What is being taught is very surface level i.e. this is your heart, this is your spleen etc.

However, truly understanding what one puts on their skin can affect their health just isn’t taught. It does matter. Why? Because the skin not only acts as a protective barrier from things getting into your blood stream, but it also acts as a THIRD KIDNEY to push toxins out of the body. Why aren’t we taught this? Don’t you think if children were taught this they would make better decisions about the personal care products they chose?

For example; lotions, shampoos & conditioners, deodorant, perfumes & colognes, shaving creams, and even lip balms can have TOXIC INGREDIENTS in them. Even the ones that are labeled “ALL NATURAL”.

In the next episode of sunschool, we teach the youth the importance of knowing what to look for when reading ingredients labels on their personal care products and not only that…but how to make 4 ingredient lip balm that actually benefits their health instead of harming it. They will be amazed at how SUPER easy it is to do this! They will also develop self-confidence by taking steps towards protecting and cultivating good health for themselves.

Happy Homeschooling!

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