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I Just Want My Child to Be Able to Watch a Video Without All the Extra “Mess” in It! Me Too…

Parents, I’m right there with you! That’s why I created my YouTube Channel AUTHORized. Before I started creating my own content, I would sit down and watch content with my children to make sure I felt like there wasn’t any hidden, “agenda-filled” indoctrinating messages in it, first, before I felt like it was safe for them to watch it on their own without me around. I still do…if it’s not mine!

I’ve learned that children are like sponges. They soak up information, both “good” and “bad”. Quickly too! The good news is that we can conscientiously choose what information they receive in most cases.

As a matter of fact, I would LOVE for families to sit down, after dinner and “vet” my channel THOROUGHLY! I highly recommend it. Why? Because, I’m not going to show my children one thing and show yours, another. I invite you to check out my latest storytime video, “Master Man: A Tall Tale of Nigeria“, with your children after dinner. This tall tale will be sure to entertain as well as educate, allowing for family discussions after viewing.

Please drop a comment below, if you watch the channel and enjoy it. It’s always nice to know…
Peace and blessings and I’ll see you next post!

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