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The USPS Delivery Stats Won’t Hold Up Well, When Compared With Hers!

Who am I talking about when I say “her”? Why Stagecoach Mary of Course! This phenomenal woman is one of the “Black Heroes of the Wild West”, featured in the children’s book by the same name, written by James Otis Smith.

What makes her so phenomenal? Mary was wonderful with children, she had a generous heart, and she had an accurate shot when it came to her rifle! Ms. Mary, did NOT play! No, no, no! Well, she’s not the only one.

Have you ever heard of Bass Reeves? The first “Black” U.S. Marshal, that ALWAYS caught the outlaw he was tasked to find? He’s so legendary that the show Lone Ranger was all about what he did in his adventures.

We also can’t forget about Bob Lemmons, who we can call the ultimate “horse whisperer”. You simply must read how he was able to tame wild mustangs!

The important contributions of these 3 individuals are not taught to our children in schools. This is a travesty, because honestly, these are some of the TRUE, HISTORICAL stories of the Wild West.

This is why I must share 5 things I like about this book! Let’s do it!

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