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If Your Child Needs Extra Emotional Support These Days, Keep Reading…

The last 15 months have been emotionally intense for many families. One thing is always guaranteed in life, and that is change. There will always be changes that one has to face in life. However, in the last 15 months, an AVALANCHE of drastic changes dropped on so many American families. Financial changes, job changes, school changes, relationship changes, and living situation changes, among others.

How have your children been handling these changes emotionally and psychologically? Children are resilient, and yet they still need to know the adults in their lives have got things under control. They need to know that the adults know “which direction” to go. Children thrive when there is consistency and stability, however, during the last 15 months, consistency and stability may have been very hard to maintain. So what do you do? Is it possible to still have a positive outlook on life in the face of such drastic changes and upheaval? Yes. Yes it is, but it’s going to take lots of support, lots of discipline and lots of patience.

The first thing is communication and finding the words to communicate what you are feeling. If you can’t find the words, that’s okay. I understand what this feels like, because I have had this experience at times too. When I can’t find the right words, I always start searching for a GOOD book to help me.

Today, I have a top book recommendation to help provide children with a bit of emotional support and perhaps light a spark of hope inside for the the future as well!

My top book recommendation is:

I created a video to share the 5 things I like about this book. To find out what they are, just click on the link below and remember, there is always hope…always. If you don’t like the ways things are going in the world, you can choose to be the change you want to see.

Peace and blessings! Until next time…

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