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Integrity in journalism is so important. Therefore, one of the top shows I watch is STEEL TRUTH with Ann Vandersteel. I was inspired to create the STEEL COLLECTION with apparel and accessories that feature famous quotes from people alive around the time of the Revolutionary War who were instrumental during that period. Men such as Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Paine and Samuel Adams.

Additionally, many can feel that there is change in the air, on the horizon, and across the planet. It is important for humanity to come together and raise their vibrational frequency to match this “feeling” that they are sensing. Together we can make the world a better place for the children. The children are so important. I’ve also included in the STEEL COLLECTION a very special shirt with a special message:


It does matter what is in a person’s heart, what their intentions are, and if they are righteous. I think we can all agree, the children are what’s important and they need to be protected and guided in a righteous manner. They are precious and therefore, VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES MATTER!

How we feel about protecting our children and what we do to help the world become a better place for them carries a certain vibrational frequency that is transmitted from one’s heart. If you are on the same vibe as me, when it comes to this…then the future is bright for our children!

Here’s a link to the STEEL COLLECTION!

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