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Searching for Family Friendly Content that Uplifts as well as Educates?

I TOTALLY get it! Before schools were closed, children were already watching lots of TV and spending time on their devices. Now that many schools are closed and distance learning requires children to be on their devices even more, finding fun, educational, family-friendly content is of vital importance now more than ever.

I’m a mother of two, homeschooling parent and educator. Parents just want to be able to sit their children down, turn on a show and be able to turn their backs knowing there’s no crazy, perverted messaging hidden somewhere in the program.

I’m right “there with you”! These are all of my concerns too. So I decided to start creating the type of content that I was looking for…myself! I just know I’m not alone on this. It matters what type of content our children takes in. There is no doubt that what children watch, can have an effect on how they interact with others, their self-esteem, their outlook on life.

I’m trying not to make this post too long, but needless to say, this matters to me. I want children

Here’s a link to a welcome video regarding what my YouTube channel is all about and here’s a link to the subscription page to sign up to receive notifications every time I post a new video!

I’m wishing you and your family continued success, prosperity and health!

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