Video Production For Sunschool Is Underway!

Finally! After all of the challenges that 2020 has brought, video production is underway for upcoming Sunschool episodes. I am very excited that a dream that I have had in my heart for at least two years in finally coming to fruition.

When one has challenges it’s a good thing if you can laugh. Well, guess what? On our second day of filming outside of the studio, the landscapers decided to mow the lawn and use their lovely and oh so loud leaf blowers at the same time we wanted to start filming! I swear it was like this lawn mower was stalking me! Hahaha..

No matter where we went, as soon as I started to film, a few seconds later…a LOUD lawn mower motor just drowned my voice out. We gave up and gave home! It was funny and I have a blooper video to commemorate the laughs along with the frustration!

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Until next time, make it a great day!

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