Homeschool ELA Lessons/Support, YouTube Channel - AUTHORized

Searching for a fun solution to fill the gap of those English Language Arts Lessons while schools are closed? Try this…

K-2nd worksheet

I’m glad to hear that many have been enjoying the Stortytime videos on AUTHORized. In order to get more out of each episode, I have created complementary worksheets related to the book featured in the episode.

There are separate worksheets for the following grade levels: K-2nd, 3rd-4th, and 5th-6th. There is an additional vocabulary worksheet as well.

These worksheets were created with the intention to:

  • cultivate emotional intelligence
  • expand your child’s vocabulary
  • introduce them to literary terms to build on their writing skills
  • deepen their reading comprehension
  • cultivate critical thinking
  • and so much more!

To find the worksheets related to a particular episode click on the AUTHORized tab and scroll the page to search. If you don’t see the episode you’re looking for, it just means that the worksheets haven’t been created yet, so keep checking back!

I appreciate your support of the channel. Happy Learning!

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