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Are You a Homeschooling Parent? Then Keep Reading…

As a homeschooling parent of 15 years and counting, I understand the importance of finding creative ways to make learning fun, while also ensuring your child is meeting or exceeding important educational milestones.

In the last couple of months, I’ve released several Storytime/Kids Read Along videos on my YouTube Channel, “AUTHORized“. All episodes are geared towards grades K-6 or ages 5-12. So if you are homeschooling siblings in this age range, you’re good to go!

All of the videos in the Storytime series meet COMMON CORE standards for English Language Arts: Speaking & Listening, and for Reading Literature: Key Ideas & Details ! The latest episode is: THE TALKING SKULL, an African Folktale from Cameroon, written by Donna L. Washington & illustrated by James Ransome.

Here’s a fun fact, my eldest son (15yrs.), has been doing all the video editing on the videos in the Storytime series. He’s considering a career in filmmaking. Well, he’s getting some firsthand experience in filmmaking right now, right? This is the beauty with homeschooling, hands-on learning, coupled with real-world practical experience creates actual skill-building and knowledge that can take them places they want to go.

If you feel like he’s doing a great job, feel free to leave a comment below!

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