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~Stanislaus County 8th Annual Local Author Fair~

What do you get when you pair a book fair with a farmer’s market?  You get the 8th Annual Local Author Fair at the Modesto Library!

That’s where I was this past September 23rd and it was fantastic.  What can be better than good books and good food together in the same vicinity?  Meet a local author, buy a book and then purchase fresh-from-the-farm fruits and vegetables!

I had a blast meeting all the wonderful families that came out. It was a beautiful sunny and breezy day.

The best part about these events is really connecting with the children. Their eyes light up when they see a book that sparks their imaginations…

I also had the pleasure of connecting with two other local children’s book authors, namely, Jennifer Kuhns and Antionette Melendez.

Jennifer’s Book, “Were You Born In That Chair?” has won both the Mom’s Choice Award and the Kids Book List Award. It is about a Girl named, Hailey, who is entering the 3rd grade at a new school.  Hailey feels she may be the only one in a wheelchair at her new school as opposed to the previous school she attended and is uncertain what her experience will be at this new school.  This book is about what she experiences at her new school.  I had a chance to interview Jennifer during our time at the local author fair and I’ll be uploading that interview soon on my YouTube Channel.

Antionette’s book, “Too Much MacTiggle”,  was a finalist in the Pacific Book Awards.  “Too Much MacTiggle” is about the adventures of a little black Scottish terrier puppy named, Too Too Much by the pet store owner because the little pup managed to get out of his cage and let the other animals out of theirs!  The pet store owner offers Too Too Much for free to get him out of his hair and the adventure begins from there!  I also had the opportunity to conduct a short interview with Antionette as well.

Make sure to tune into my YouTube Channel to check it out!

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