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“Do I want her asking when she’s 18, ‘Where was daddy?’ No.”

Meet Ian, a single father who gained FULL CUSTODY of his daughter when she was three-years-old.  He asked himself this question when times would get tough and the answer always came back as a resounding “NO!”

First of all I want to say, I found this amazing video on Yahoo Parenting and I just had to share!

Secondly, Ian’s story is inspiring because it’s not easy raising kids as a single parent, whether  you’re a mother or a father.

 I truly appreciate Ian’s attitude because he always keeps his word with his daughter and describes that habit as being “non-negotiable”.

He also speaks about the choices he’s making as a single father and how they’re not always easy however, he doesn’t speak on this in a way that sounds like complaining.  He is filled with resiliency and determination because you can clearly see that he’s “all in” as a parent.

Ian, thank you for showing others how it can be done when you make the choice to move forward even when you’re faced with the uncertainty of how you’ll be able to handle “it” all.

Check out Ian’s story:

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