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Who’s in YOUR inner circle?

The reason why I ask, “Who is in your inner circle?” is because it can make a huge difference between EXISTING in life or really LIVING life!

From the ages of 19-27 years old, I was involved in an abusive relationship.  Sometimes it was physically abusive, but MOST of the time it was emotionally and verbally abusive.  During the course of the relationship, I slowly stopped listening to my inner voice.  I became estranged from my family.  I walked away from the person who I was becoming for myself, into the person he wanted me to become for him.  I completely lost myself.

After I got out, I didn’t know who I was.  I had lost all sense of empowerment.  I felt victimized.  I spent most of my time with people who felt the same way.

As time went on, I felt stronger mentally and emotionally, however, the people I had been spending most of my time with were still stuck in personal intimate relationships that weren’t fulfilling or had some level of abuse associated with it.  As much as I loved them, I slowly started to spend less time with them, in order to continue on my path of self-growth I saw ahead of me.  I knew I had to continue on my journey. 

My relationship with my immediate family became strong again, especially with my sister.  She had been working on her self-growth and re-connecting with the person she knew she could be too.  That was when she introduced me to a very special person by the name of George Ramirez.  It was 2008.  She told me that George was a “V.I.P.”  She went on to talk about all of his accolades, which included being published in 17 books and a featured expert in three movies.  Even with an  impressive resume and stature such as this, he was still very down to earth!  Well of course I just had to meet him.  I got my opportunity when I was invited to attend  one of his personalized coaching programs called, “Present with Purpose”.  My sister and I attended this class together and after that, I was never the same.

Right to Left:  George, his lovely wife Olivia and me!During the class we were surrounded by prosperity and individuals who already had successful profitable businesses.  I had NEVER before come into contact with these types of individuals.  There were only six in attendance including Angela and me, however, the balance between intimacy and professionalism was to perfection.  This was one of the things that really stood out to me and made a huge impact on me as well. 

One of the gentlemen who was attending class, had started a business at 12 years old and sold it for over one million dollars!  It opened my eyes up and made me think more about what I was doing with my life and I wanted to live my purpose.  I realized I had been playing it “small”.  George asked me the question, openly in class, “What is your purpose?”.  He had to ask because once he knew the answer, he could show me how to “Present MYSELF with Purpose”.  I knew at that point I wanted to help women, mothers and children.  I just didn’t know HOW AND IN WHAT MANNER I was going to do it.  George was there to give me guidance on how to live “it”, speak “it” and tell others about “it”.

I walked away from this experience ready to live my purpose, dammit!  I was on fire, I was motivated….then life got in the “way”.  I am so grateful and thankful that George was there for me as my coach and mentor, while I was taking steps towards my new goals.  He helped me to stay focused and led by example.  He walks the “talk”!  He actually lives what he teaches.

He believed, at times, more in what I was doing than I did.  So much so that he donated a $1000 scholarship to my fundraiser so that I could attend his coaching event held in Northern California called “The Miracle in the Mirror” back in May 2010.

My dad used to tell me, if you WANT to learn Chinese…hang out with people who speak Chinese.  Well, I am speaking “Chinese” now thanks to George!  LOL

He has been my coach and mentor since 2008.  I don’t know for certain if I would have had the bravery and wherewithal to pursue writing my first children’s book, “My Choice” and share it with the world if he weren’t a part of my inner circle.

You know how the saying goes…”Birds of a feather, flock together”? 

Well, if you see your  “plumage” turning into an eagle’s, go fly with other eagles.  You’ll be glad that you did!

So, who’s in your inner circle?

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