Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Be A Blessing Enterprises.

We proudly offer several high quality, professional services that support both individuals and small business owners within the Aboriginal Republic of North America. Take a look around, we’re here to help!

If you are not a National within the Republic, it’s not required in order to do business with us, We look forward to doing business with you.

Christina is a focused savvy entrepreneur with a deep desire to serve all who she interacts with. As a results-oriented businesswoman with a wonderful attention to creativity and detail, she is a great asset to any project, team or company.”

Machen MacDonald – Award Winning Growth Coach at ProBrilliance

Christina was very good at explaining to us all the details of self-publishing…She’s given us some great ideas, some great websites…it’s worth taking the class and getting in touch with her after this is all over with!

Vickie M. Student, “Introduction to Self-Publishing Class” –Tracy Library